Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A twist on vegetarian sushi

I'm not really going to post a recipe because you could really do anything with vegitarian sushi, Im hoping this will inspire you to come uo woth some of your own creations. 

remember it's pretty much just a salad rolled in seaweed and rice. I think most sushi is kind of boring, don't get me wrong I love sushi, I could eat it 7 days a week but every time I order a few different rolls they all pretty much taste the same, I think to myself this would be amazing if there was a tangy or acidic and so on.

 So instead of going out to one of my favorite sushi places ( or ) I decided to give it a go myself, and I have to say it turned out pretty amazing. Because it's not easy to find sushi grade fish in Calgary and I'm hobbling around on crutches with a broken ankle right now, I decided to go with vegitarian sushi, Here's what I did.

So what do you need?
You need roasted  Nori, this can be found at an Asian market such as T & T Market in Calgary or you could also order it online. I would make sure it's roasted as the roasting process takes away some of the fishy flavor seaweed tends to have. You need a sticky rice I used red rice because I wanted healthy sushi and red rice is a full grain complex carb full of fiber but you could use a starchy brown rice or of course sushi rice is always fantastic. I would say you should get a bamboo rolling matt if you want to have nice tight rolls with a good shape (remember making things look yummy is half the battle) and most importantly you are going to need some veggies to fill it up with!! To make your rolls a little different I suggest instead of using plain old boring mayonnaise you could add dill and lemon to your mayonnaise or take the mayo out and substitute it with yogurt. I have a collection of some really intresting flavored olive oils and balsamic vinager so for one roll I mixed 

1 tsp white coconut balsamic vinager
1 tsp white pinapple balsamic vinager
2 tsp sorrano chili olive oil 

I soaked some Alf alfa sprouts in this mixture. The roll from first layer to last was 1 full sheet of Nori red rice mango cucumber avacado and the alfalfa mixture. 

The second sauce I made was 

1 tsp pinapple balsamic vinager
2 tsp roaster sesame olive oil
1 tsp honey
1 tsp organic soy sauce

I wrapped the roll with the same things inside Nori mango cucumber red rice and the alfalfa. I also did some with shredded carrots, beets, red peppers, and lettuce. The point is get inspired ! Don't he afraid to experiment and have fun :)

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